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Tappa 1 - La Turbie
Tappa 2 - Beausoleil
Tappa 4 - Roquebrune
Tappa 3 - Mentone
Tappa 5 - Ventimiglia
Tappa 6 - Ventimiglia
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Tappa 8 - Ventimiglia
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9 stage to relive History

The Via Iulia Augusta is part of the great network of roads built by the Romans; constructed on the orders of Augustus between the 13-12 B.C. as a link to the Gallic provinces, it wound its way from the River Trebbia in Emilia to the River Var on the Côte d'Azur. It started near Piacenza and linked each of the following towns in turn: Voghera, Tortona, Acqui Terme, Vado Ligure, Albenga, Ventimiglia, Roquebrune Cap-Martin, Beausoleil, La Turbie and Cimiez (Nice). The road was fundamental in determining Italy's north-western border, but its most important role was to connect people, things and ideas, both geographically and in terms of what was happening at the time.
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